Tinder Launches It’s Premium Services

Tinder Launches It’s Premium Services

Tinder launches premium service: $ 9.99 for infinite likes. At this point, most of us know Tinder, the dating application that allows meeting new people in a very easy way. However, the simplicity in the interface of the application has also won him a problem, since monetizing it with advertising subtracts points if we imagine the photographs of your future links with some ugly ads on the side.

So, the company has launched Tinder Plus Dating App, a version of the app that lets you use it at a new level and for a monthly subscription, it offers unlimited likes that will allow you to expand the number of people you can meet. The rates vary according to the country where the app is used, for the moment for the United States it is 9.99 dollars per month, while in the United Kingdom the rate makes a distinction if you are older or younger than 28, charging more in case You have 28 up. So, we will see how this plan works to take money to one of the most relevant dating applications of these years.

The famous mobile dating application Tinder has millions of users in the world (one million more each passing week, according to data from its own creators) and the company knows that it has localized many of them and that they would be willing to pay for an extra in its possibilities. The success of the app is based on the presentation of its service as if it were a game. How can use tinder app for windows pc here is the full guide for you.

Tinder Plus – A Premium Service for Dating:

A limited number of people appear on the screen, of which 5 photos and a brief description are shown (something like the Facebook search engine) and the user must swipe the discarded ones to the left and the ones they like to the right. This is what the app calls “swipe”. In this way, Tinder notifies the receiver of his “match!” And identifies the user who has moved him to the right.

However, it is common to find users who indiscriminately swipe all the contacts that are going to appear on their screen, so Tinder’s new algorithm will decide when it is too much, but the Premium version of Tinder will allow unlimited possibilities. In this way, the Premium version, called Tinder Plus, will also offer extra services such as the “rewind” button to recover the last profile that has been discarded and the “passport” option to change the location and connect with people from anywhere in the world.

It is not yet known exactly what features the free basic service will keep, but there are many that alert the company (the same one that owns Match.com and Ok Cupid) that can lose a lot of potential of users and suffer an economic disaster. Prices range between € 1.99 and € 14.99 depending on the advantages and age, because those over 30 will pay more. On the other hand, those under 28 years old will have a 50% discount.

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